Daddy Smooth, ETC

Daddy Smooth Entertainment & Travel was established in 1998, Founder Darrel Roberson took a group of people to Aruba for the HBO Sinbad Music Festival. After that, we began making this an annual event until "Comedy Sinbad" decide to end the event.   However, due to the loyal supporters, Darrel Roberson (aka Daddy Smooth) decide not to let the ending of the "Sinbad Music Festival" stop us from traveling to major events around the world. Therefore, I began working with some of the other promoters & hosts of great events such as Party in Palm Springs, Essence Music Festival, Soul Beach Festival, Ski-Fest Weekend, Black Summit, Urban Hangover, and many more. Daddy Smooth has also ventured into its very own productions, hosting & presenting concerts, after-parties, and group trips with our very own events and excursions.